How to shipping

Shipping by sea: 1) Shipping by sea is most use. different country cost and time different. Shipping to North American. around 15~35days Shipping to South American. around 20~35days Shipping to Australia. around 15~25days Shipping to Europe: around 30~35days Shipping to Africa. around 20~40days Shipping to East Asia and South Asia. around 5~20days Shipping to India…

Stuffed Animal Packaging

We have different packaging for different customer.


1) Color box packaging with plastic window.



2)  Packaging use pastic bag:like below



3) Carton for shipping use.


And other special packaging is can be customized, depand on customer.


Custom Stuffed Animals Step

1. Customer provides toy design The customer informs the toy of the description, including materials, dimensions, colors, specific accessories, etc. It is best to have a picture, and then we use these details to make a price estimate. 2. Product quotation The quotation of the product needs to be carried out with the customer’s needs…