How much does sample cost?

There are two cases regarding sample costs:

1. Existing samples: Samples with low value are free, the value of the goods is high, and the sample fee is charged.

2. Need to customize the sample: you need to pay the proofing fee, the proofing fee is about $120-$160.

How much is shipping?

1. About the shipping cost, small quantity is about $200, large quantity will bo more. The specific amount needs to be calculated according to the volume or weight of the specific cargo. 2. About sending sample fees: 1)Usually we send samples by express. The express cost is about $20-$30. Time is about 5-10 days. 2)If you…

How can I protect my idea?

Kaida toys manufacturer specializes in custom stuffed animals(plush toys).Of course, There are many customers who customize plush toys here. Every design is special. And we have the obligation and responsibility to protect the design of our customers. Usually we will sign a protection agreement with the customer to protect the customer’s rights.The agreement is placed below and…